I knew that!
Gail Boenning

Yes, I called you a cow, but you are a glorious Wisconsin dairy bovine, NOT that second-rate, impostor Californian dairy cow. Let me do a tone check: AAAAAHHHH. spot on for comic effect. Photo op for you and one of your cows, if you have any. I forget if you do or don’t. Make two little signs. One says California Cow and the other says Wisconsin Genuine Dairy Cow. You hang the sign around a cow, and you put on a Halloween cow costume without the cow head and you smile to the camera. Too much work. This cow line of writing is running amok and showing symptoms of mad-cow disease. You should be writing, mining that seam of gold. Cheers. Go Falcons. Go Wisconsin Dairy Cows and Wisconsin Writers. Giddyup, cowpoke!

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