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Yes you are a writer but you are still young enough to become an epidemiologist. What happens if FLARE does not meet its publisher’s target ? I don’t understand much of the corporate culture at Medium but they don’t pay you to publish here ? My life would have been much different and more rewarding if I had chosen another path when I was 29. You can always write whatever your profession. But someone with your skill and proven ability should be paid. Hell, an egomaniac NFL center got his 8 million dollars of guaranteed money even though he was a lazy punk who did not train properly in the months leading up to training camp and he gave his teammates a big fat nothing by getting hurt in a preseason game. but oh well, he got his guaranteed money and not one of the NFL “experts” took him to task for this nonsense. I hope FLARE is a smash and you get movie rights. good luck.

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