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Kathleen Clarke Anderson

Your wildcats came back hard and made two great threes that other teams could not have made. But that Carolina big man made a great shot under enormous pressure. Three great individuals with distinct skills who have been integrated as part of two great teams. I know you are hurting. Defeat like that hurts terribly. Take pride that your Coach and his team forced an outstanding team to make a great shot at the end to barely defeat them. I think this would have been the ideal National Championship. And now that South Carolina has made it to the Final Four I will root for them. I am a firm believer in relentless, fierce team defense where individual defensive skills are developed by good coaching and incorporated into a Highly Disciplined Team Defense. Earlier today I expressed my views on the failings of the Gonzaga head coach. they have never played such a defense and the Gamecocks will be well-rested and extremely fierce. I do not think the Gonzaga team can withstand such an elite, relentless, skilled Defense. I extend my condolences to you and your friends on such a painful loss.

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