Effective Alopecia Treatment For Men

Alopecia is a term used to describe hair loss that can occur in any part of the body and for any reason. There are different types of alopecia, which can range from thinning hair to complete baldness.

Androgenic alopecia, also known as ‘male pattern baldness’ is the most common type and can affect younger as well older man. Because androgenic alopecia is usually caused by genetics, your family history can predict if you might inherit it. Researches have reported that approximately 50% of men by the age of 50 years will have some degree of androgenic alopecia.

Alopecia Treatment For Men

Alopecia areata is another common type of alopecia. It usually causes temporary bald patches on the scalp and is associated with an immune system disorder. In rare cases, this type of alopecia can lead a total scalp baldness or a total loss of body hair.

Thinning hair is the first symptom of androgenic alopecia. It often begins at the crown, but can also happens on the temples or even on both. With alopecia areata, losses of small round patches of hair tend to appear as sudden on the scalp, but sometimes on the face or body.

By itself, alopecia isn’t harmful and only causes cosmetic damage. However, the hair loss can be very distressing. Although alopecia rarely needs to be treated, many men seek treatment for cosmetic reasons. That have lead a variety of alopecia treatment for men options to arouse.

From pills and injections to ultraviolet light treatment, creams, lotions, wigs, and even hair loss surgery your options of treatments are numerous. However, you have to be careful with your choice. Aside of not guaranteeing satisfactory results all the time, most of the alopecia treatment for men options available out there usually involve side effects, pain and even recovery time.

An alopecia treatment for men that really works and doesn’t involve any risks or complications is scalp-micropigmentation. It is a hair restoration procedure that offers a dramatic transformation by simulation real hair growth.

Scalp-micropigmentation has been offering for many men a possibility to replicate hair follicles with tattoo. The procedure involves very tiny dots being tattooed to the bald area to replicate real shaven hair follicles and provide an indistinguishable appearance of real hair. With scalp-micropigmentation results are immediate and men of all ages, skin types and tone can be good candidates. Talk with a specialist to find out the treatment advantages and disadvantages and if it is right for you.