Just to correct a little point there about best artists… perhaps it would be wrong to confuse…
Nova deViator

Hi Nova deViator,

Thanks for the response I agree that success doesn’t equal quality.

The whole question of being egocentric is probably also a matter of definition. I don’t think to be egocentric contradicts being humble.

I do like the story of Van Gogh. I see many similarities to the life of Van Gogh and being an entrepreneur or startup CEO, not that the entirely alike.

But the persistence Van Gogh had with his paintings is similar to many startups. The beginning is hard, trying to convince people, that your vision is even meaningful, is common for many startups. Selling your first product is often hard.

An example could be the story of Google — Larry & Sergey spent a lot of time convincing their investors and partners that the front page shouldn’t have commercials like Yahoo.

I also think that the life of Van Gogh turns egocentric into a matter of perspective. What would Van Goghs brother and parents answer, if somebody asked them whether Van Gogh was egocentric — They paid his living the most of his life.

I haven’t heard any startups disregarding arts, humanities or any other subject. I only hear this statement from people who think tech and arts are divided, which I disagree with — An example of all time could be Leonardo da Vinci — Great artist and engineer. He made ‘Mona Lisa’ and the drawing of the first helicopter among many things.

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