HybridLink® by BitterStrawberry —Best All in One Tool for Pubs & Affiliates -Tutorial Included

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BitterStrawberry just launched a new revolutionary tool for publishers & affiliates- The HybridLink®! Check it out!

For most affiliates & media buyers, the daily routine involves looking up for new opportunities, dealing with 3–5 different A.M’s/Networks, planning the campaigns, setting up the tracking for each new campaigns and A/B testing them using third-party tracking tools such as VOLUUM, which are an added-cost, money-wise & time-wise for you.

That’s why we’ve developed a new tool that gives you thousands of single offers, freedom of choice in selecting what YOU see fit for your audience & more, in ONE place.

For a single target like Portugal MEO, your Voluum account only on one target (GEO+Carrier) would look like this:

In the above example there are 24 campaigns on this target, all which require you to set tracking links/campaigns..

In addition to that, if a campaign would stop/run out of capping, you’d have to quickly find solutions & replace it, in order to avoid traffic loss.

We believe our new feature, HybridLink® by BitterStrawberry suits all, affiliates, media buyers, publishers, improving the monetisation process, and should increase your revenues by at least 25% after implementation.

HybridLink® by BitterStrawberry was created with a very specific goal, to streamline your offer targeting, A/B testing & monetisation process while at the same time giving you freedom, by letting you choose from 14.000 direct premium advertiser singular offers & creating the most profitable mix of offers available to your worldwide audience.

The beauty is, all offers are tested with in-house traffic before being deployed LIVE, so no more money thrown out of the window!

You have the guarantee the offers are run/tested and optimised before you start running them.

You’ll have freedom and flexibility you need regarding the offers you want to promote, setting weight, capping, pausing campaigns & more, while being in full control and boosting that sweet revenue!

We’ll also help you identify which of your traffic is out of target:

No matter what happens, either if you’re sending traffic to a single offer of which target is, for example, Italy Vodafone, but your traffic source ends up giving you also out of target traffic, it will be identified by the system and send to a proper campaign to meet its criteria, and earnings will be reported on your default backup intuitive AI Smart Link.

You won’t spare a single user.

And the best part is that this solution is free + dedicated support from the setup stage & throughout your planning & testing.

Payments you ask? We’ve got you covered!

Weekly, bi-Weekly, Monthly Net5 payments for your revenue, in Bitcoins, Wire, WebMoney, Payoneer, Paypal. Just choose your favourite and enjoy solid payments right on time!

Here’s a Quick Tutorial to get you started:

This is the 3rd concept for monetising mobile traffic that BitterStrawberry is bringing on the market, beside the SmartLink® and Direct Offers Marketplace.

Therefore you will not need any other tracking or promo tools, you will have everything in house: performance, highest conversion direct offers and optimisation.

The Custom link is a single URL that helps you drive your mobile traffic according to your users GEO, Internet Connection, Device, OS & more, allowing you to choose from the entire mix of offers available. The traffic outside the target won’t be lost, it will be processed by our backup smart link.

The Smart API is a code containing a single URL that helps you drive your mobile traffic according to your users’ GEO, Internet Connection, Device, OS & more. It gives you the possibility to only target specific users. It’s also the most Google-Friendly code & increases your overall user experience. It’s the most risk free setup, because the pop up will appear one time a day for each user.
 The Split API is a setup that allows you to promote our top offers and keep the remnant traffic to your current sponsor or preferred URL. This is the best set up to choose if you are working with 2 networks. For all of them you can select capping, the promo tool you want to use and specify the click IDs.

We provide all the tools you need to monetise up to 99,9% of your traffic.

After 1 week of familiarising with the tool, you’ll be able to save more than half a day time, which you’re currently using to research offers, get feedback from different partners, plan & setup your campaigns.

You’ll be on the fast lane to achieve financial freedom with less time and less worries!

Beside an intuitive UI, a 24/7 support squad that speaks multiple languages (English, Spanish, Russian, Romanian, Turkish, Italian) and the most advanced algorithm that turns affiliates into money makers on a daily basis, the technology company is known for being a friendly platform for newbies, as well as experienced affiliates, to start their journey.

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