The Square

Red Square on a clear, beautiful sunny day.

The wind is blowing as the sound of walking on hard red bricks takes place all around. Red Square is filled with many beautiful things: the huge fountain, dancing trees, the lovely sculpture (pictured above on the right) and of course, all of the people walking around. Red Square is located in the north half of Western Washington University’s campus. It is well known for being made of red bricks everywhere. Red Square can be a great place to hang out, hold signs, and go people watching.

The best feeling about first stepping onto Red Square is how little you would feel compared to the surrounding area. There are huge academic buildings that make Red Square really small, though it is quite big. When I first stepped onto campus and on Red Square, I felt like I was an ant in a flower field! The first thing I saw was a relatively large round fountain in the center of the Square. The fountain spurts out water forever and ever, but only if it’s on a warm day. When the fountain is operating, with high winds, the rush of tiny water particles would hit everyone’s faces, and feel like a refreshment to the day. It’ll take a few weeks to get used to the size of Red Square, as people won’t mind the size anymore. If there were more new people like potential future students who walked on Red Square, they will be left in shock and awe about how big it really is.

Red Square is a good place to host activities. With the big annual club fair going on a week before Fall quarter starts, the whole Square is jam packed with various clubs from Beyoncé lovers to fencing club, to academic clubs, and so much more! The club fair then lasts for two days so that students will have enough time to browse and see what clubs they are interested in. Red Square also hosts a few other activities, that aren’t run by the University itself. From time to time, usually on Fridays, there are a bunch of old men who hold up signs telling people that they will go to hell if they don’t go down on their knees and worship Jesus, or what they want you to do. When this happened, a few people question why the crazy religious people do that, and state that they, themselves will go to hell for the things they’ve done. All I have to say is those particular religious folks are scary and creepy. Students who aren’t religious can often feel unsafe on campus when this occurs, as they can be left feeling berated and concerned. It would also make others think why the University let people like them loose on campus.

The Red Square Info Fair that takes place before Fall Quarter starts.

Another interesting thing that happens on Red Square is that you can go people watching! People watching is one of the most frequent things that happen, but people don’t realize it until they think about it. On Red Square, one can analyze other people and see how they are like just by the way they dress, talk, or even walk. There are a lot of people roaming the whole space of the Square to where a few hundred, if not thousands of people go through every day. If you were to sit there all day, you will most likely see about 300 different people at the least. With all that, you could have observed about 50 people and wonder what they do, or judge them, though it is bad to judge others without knowing what they’ve done or been through.

Red Square has a lot of upsides and interesting things to it, but there are also some downsides, very little ones. On rainy days, Red Square can be a big flood zone. While out walking to class, I tried dodging a lot of huge 4 inch-deep puddles and failed as they stretched really wide, touching other deep puddles. When I attempted to cross over, I stomped into a different puddle, and got my whole leg soaked! From there on, I tried to dodge more, but kept failing in the future. I failed so much that I just shrugged it off and slid my legs into a deep puddle for fun. It was not good, but my legs were already soaked anyway. When I went to class from my dorm, I completely gave up on wearing shoes and decided to wear my flip flops instead. That was the greatest idea ever! It didn’t matter if my feet got wet or not. I would just stomp inside the puddles like a little kid. Probably another downside would be when some people are out and about, they’d be on their phones texting, or too busy trying to navigate through puddles, that they hit a light pole! Sounds entertaining to watch, but also bad if it is funny. These are the only few downsides to the popular Red Square.

All in all, Red Square is a pretty amazing place on Western Washington University’s campus. Red Square is filled with beauty and lots of people who commute through it. The Square is a great place to hang out and socialize with other people. A lot of people won’t think much about Red Square and how much it is a part of their lives, but once they stop to think about it, they will be grateful that they got to experience how Red Square treated them. If anybody likes to go sight-seeing, I highly recommend them to come over to Bellingham, Washington and check this place out! It’ll feel big at first, then you’ll get used to it! From there, everybody can experience the beauty and nature of Red Square.