A non-scientific response from yours truly, an English major
elizabeth tobey

Hi, Elizabeth.

Long time listener, first time caller.

I read Elliot Nichols’s original post with interest because, of course, if you have a decent amount of followers, it can be disappointing for a story you thought readworthy to fart away without being read.

The reason I reply, though, is to ask about your assertion that a writer should post frequently on Medium. This goes against my natural inclination against overloading the site with frequent postings. I worry that, like my family, Medium might suffer from Tom fatigue if I post too often. I know people have unfollowed me on Twitter, for instance, because of my constant yapping (and swearing). Your comments, however, have given me pause for thought.

My last two stories (one about my kid guessing the contents of books and the other some jokey advice about working out how to write a hit piece) have both done fairly well without exploding — part of me wonders whether posting the two within the space of a week was a mistake. Maybe I should have let the first breathe?

But, Elizabeth, you suggest I’m wrong. Am I wrong, Elizabeth? (Obvs, as you say, a Medium recommend/tweet always helps with audience numbers. And Medium has always been supportive of my writing over and above the call of duty.)

So … am I more likely to win at Medium by posting all the time or by posting a regular piece every week? I guess that’s what I’m trying to ask.


PS I did English at uni too! English lads forever!

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