Fresno Tacos: OMG, we own the Emoji
Benjamin Hill

Fresno will never establish themselves as the Taco capitol of the world based on a $5000 donation. I grew up in the valley and 20 years ago in Fresno, you couldn’t even locate a taco truck, but you could in towns like Selma and further south. So many towns like Orange Cove, Sultana, Selma, Dinuba, Orosi, Cutler, & even Visalia have been the taco truck“pioneers” long before Fresno entered the game in a late fashion. Also you can’t base the claim on the Taco Truck Throwdown which was organized first in Texas (slightly different name, but not at all different)…and now there is a Taco Truck Throwdown that represents the Kings/Tulare county that has grown just as huge. I went to both last year and the Hanford one was busy from start to finish in the cool month of May, whereas the Fresno one was pretty dead for the first 3 hours….BUT they gained MORE people once the sun went down. But by then…I call it an even draw lol. So there you have it…you can have a Fresno county winner, but it doesn’t cover the whole valley anymore…another southern county championship has been successfully established and branded in central California. In saying all that, I must add that I am quite satisfied with both Taco Truck Throwdowns…delicious fun at both for sure! Not trying to knock, but truthful insight is needed from someone who is a valley native while the originator of the Fresno TTT is not…so he may not know the true Taco Truck history of the valley :)

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