How To Create A High-Quality Freebie Giveaway

Tommy Evan
Sep 12, 2017 · 3 min read

So you are an internet marketer, you purchase best web hosting, you make your website, then you get the best autoresponder for sending email followup to your subscribers. You start a campaign by making a free squeeze page and start sending traffic to your squeeze page in which you have offered a freebie. But still your conversion is very low and one very big reason for this is the quality of your freebie on your free squeeze page.

Today’s article is all about how to create a high-quality freebie giveaway that you can give away on your squeeze pages your opt-in pages. Whether it be for an affiliate marketing campaign, your own products or any other online business that you own. all right so I want to start this by giving you kind of an example of the mistake that a lot of beginners get into or the lot of beginners make when it comes to creating their first freebie, and that is, they think the best thing to do is to give away a big box of stuff. All right so like if this is a box of martial art gear bunch of other random knickknacks that’s not important at all. What’s important is that you don’t do this. So you think like this is the equivalent of giving away a hundred and fifty or 200 page PDF document or like a free video course that has 50 videos in it. The problem with doing this is a couple reasons;

Problem 1.

first of all you kind of overload them right off the bat, what’s going to happen is they’re in their mind they’re going to be like oh I don’t have time to do this right now, I’m going to download it and come back to it and watch it later. In marketing terms later means never. So you never want to put that your free rear subscriber in the position of having to come back and watch your stuff later. Chances are it won’t happen ever so that’s problem number one.

Problem 2.

That is if they never consume your stuff right off the bat they’re not going to get to know you. You’re not going to be able to establish that relationship of you giving them value. So your follow-up emails aren’t going to be ready even if there’s a lot of value in this box. Because they haven’t consumed it. The subscriber doesn’t really know about the value that you can provide so that’s why it’s important to take the alternative route.

Alternative route.

And the alternative route is to pick one thing out of your box, whatever that is. This could be a tip, a tip on whatever your product gives you, take that one tip and expand upon that, so that there is nothing left for your subscriber to know about that one thing that you want to teach them. Make it short to the point give away, like a 5 to 10 page PDF or like a quick piece of software or like two or three-minutes video. Something that they can watch right then and there, consume easily and so you can start off that relationship on a good foot. All right so that’s what you want to do, quick rule of thumb is less than one day of work is what you should put into the freebie that you want to give away.

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