BNR Nieuwsradio receives award as “most innovative company” in the Netherlands.

Tommy Ferraz
Apr 4, 2018 · 2 min read

Originally published by on March 28th 2018 (in Dutch)

BNR Nieuwsradio has won the ‘Most Innovative Company’ from The Innovation Manager (TIM) Awards. The TIM Awards are organized annually by CIO Magazine.

Audience research

BNR received this award because it optimizes the listening experience on the basis of data and intelligence. BNR does this in cooperation with Voizzup. Sjors Fröhlich tells “We can see the real time behaviours of our listeners on our mobile apps and react to them. For long time, I have advocated for the modernisation of Nationaal Luister Onderzoek (official ratings for radio in the Netherlands). We are showing there are techniques that you can already use for this, giving you a better and fairer picture. We can follow what listeners do per minute, including turning the volume up and down.”

The jury says in its report: “The existing viewing and listening surveys are only available a long time after the broadcast. Now BNR can respond in real time to the listeners needs. It is a huge improvement compared to those traditional studies where the smaller players are hardly visible.”

The TIM awards were presented during the CIO Dinner Show, an annual event for CIOs (chief information officers) that is held at the end of the Business Innovation Summit. Other categories in which prizes were awarded were the most innovative Leader, Vendor, Ecosystem and New Kid.

The awards are an initiative of ICT Media, with the aim of rewarding and stimulating innovative projects at both suppliers and customers in the field of IT.

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