BNR Nieuwsradio, the most innovative company in the Netherlands

Originally published by on March 28th 2018 (in Dutch)

BNR Nieuwsradio has won the The Innovation Manager (TIM) Award as Most Innovative Company in the Netherlands. Technology is used at the radio station for the continuous monitoring and adjustment of journalistic content. The listening experience is optimized on the basis of data and intelligence. BNR does this in collaboration with Voizzup, which developed an innovative way to evaluate spoken audio content on radio and monitor the vitality of the shows on a daily basis. “The results are overwhelming,” BNR editor Annick van der Leeuw told us about the initiative. “Not only did we get much more insights than we expected, it makes self-evaluation of the journalistic profession possible.”

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The fact that an old medium like radio is able to innovate and improve itself with the help of technology impressed the jury: “The existing viewing and listening studies are only available long time after the broadcast. Now BNR can respond in real time to the listeners needs. That is a huge improvement compared to those studies, in which the smaller players are hardly visible.”

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Founder of Voizzup and formerly radio Programme Director. Introducing continuous improvement in radio, both for on-air content and talent.

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