Birthday thoughts about the deaths of black men and women at the hands of police
Eric Olsen

Let me start by saying that I agree that there have been incidents of bad cops abusing their powers in many situations.

However, next time you write an article, maybe you could actually do some research. According to the Federal Bureau of Prisons report, whites do in fact populate over 50% of the prison population.

Instead of jumping on a band wagon and trying to gain some notoriety from a bad situation that EVERYONE knows about, how about writing on how bad the education system is or how blacks are killing blacks by larger numbers than by cops ( Over 1,400 more black Americans murdered other blacks in two years than were lynched from 1882 to 1968.).

Why don’t you talk about the crimes that some of those shot by police had committed? Let’s not forget the racist divide being created by the current Presidential administration by condoning the BLM movement that has recently led to riots where they specifically targeted “white” people simply because a criminal was shot by the police.

The sad part is no one even thinks about how horrible our education system is. Teachers are paid peanuts and after a year or two, they just start passing students to get them out of their hair instead of trying to help them. Then you have the welfare system which only enables people to not try and become better at something.

If they would offer some kind of vocational benefits with Welfare and enforce the receiver of benefits to attend it, then people could get out of the black hole they find themselves in. I’ve had friends who fell on hard times and had no choice but to use welfare. When they finally were able to move on, they told me it was actually harder to drop the benefits than it was to get them. This is a problem and it’s in place to keep people at the bottom.

Why is this a problem and how did this come to pass? The government, that’s how. They only care about filling their bank accounts and not helping the US citizen. George Washington had to actually leave office for a while to go home and provide for his family.

Helping setup a system that promotes freedom and also provides protection isn’t an easy job. But we shouldn’t allow those in office to get paid so much that they make a career out of it. Why should the POTUS make over 400k a year? That’s absurd!!!! There are families today that make it on less than 30k and that’s with kids.

Instead of looking at a problem through tunnel vision, you should look at what caused it and from EVERY direction!!!!