Be Not Afraid Of Donald Trump: Be Afraid Of The People Who Support Him
Abby Norman

People want to slam Trump for something he did 10 years ago….most of you assholes probably own one of the 80 million copies of “50 Shades of Grey”….hypocrite much?

His idea of stopping the refugees coming into our country until we can properly vet them is plain common sense considering what the world has a problem with these days. Having shed blood, tears, and lost friends who were damned good, genuine human beings to those extremists, I know full well what the extremist is capable of. We take the fight to them so you can enjoy your freedoms and let us worry about getting blown up or shot.

Not supporting Trump is one thing, but to support a woman who has willfully allowed the loss of American lives, taken money from countries who kill people for being gay and don’t allow women to have rights, and the FBI even told you that she’s wrong really makes me mad. How can you be so damned blind. You don’t see that Trump isn’t a politician? No silver tongue there and it scares you all.

JFK was a womanizer but you don’t bitch about that. Bill got head from a woman in the Oval Office but you don’t say crap about that. Let’s not get into all the women that he did wrong. Do you not remember the lies Obama told us to win office only to go back on his word? One word…China!!

How many of you supported Sanders and his dream of Democratic Socialism? I know damned well you were alive in 1995, well most of you were, but you were blind as to what took place outside of our borders. India was on the border of bankruptcy when they got on their knees and begged the WTO to help them out…..part of the agreement for help was to change government styles….to STOP USING DEMOCRATIC SOCIALISM!!!!

The Democrats are crying that Trump will destroy the Affordable Healthcare Act that hasn’t worked since its inception. Well no shit!!! Why would you want a program that doesn’t work? At no point have the Democrats tried to fix it.

This two party political system is trash. We the people need to stand the fuck up and make our voices heard!!! The government needs to stop wasting our tax dollars and start fixing our country before we try and help anyone else.

After 9/11, so many of you were quick to pull those American flags back down and move on like it never happened. Maybe that was because you didn’t lose anyone you knew. I didn’t personally know anyone that died that day but I chose to fight well before that horrible day. I chose to fight long after that too with over 4 years alone in Afghanistan. Since the first day I landed in a war zone, I made a promise to take the fight to them so that my children wouldn’t have to experience the fear and destruction the enemy wanted so sorely to bring to MY beloved American soil!! Names ring out in my memory on a daily basis of those brothers and sisters I lost in war. We bring back demons most of you wouldn’t be able to handle for a single second, yet we kit up and fight without a second thought so you don’t have to deal with those demons.

I’m home recovering from the external wounds and will never recover from those demons who run around in my head, but I am able to push them in the corner and lock them down until one day they might again be needed.

There are two things you need to keep in mind when trying to elect our next leader….Security and Freedom!!! One individual has already displayed to you that she has zero concerns on those two areas. She doesn’t care if we lose those freedoms or our lives.

I made a promise to my children on the day they were born….the first words they heard from their father’s mouth was “I will always protect you and keep you from harm.”. So help me God, if war comes to our soil, there will be warriors and gods that will surface from the dark that you didn’t know existed. We will take back what is rightfully ours and protect those who we love and hold dear, even if you voted for the wrong person. We will gladly lay down our lives for you, but remember, if that time comes, our blood is on YOUR HANDS!!!!! Can you live with that? Can you live with the fact that everyday your mind will throw out the question “Did you do the right thing?”…….can you live with that? Can you live with the fact that you chose the most horrible individual to run our country that left it in shambles that will take generations to fix? Are you ready to watch all you’ve worked hard for destroyed and taken away right before your eyes as you helplessly stand by and cry because you chose the wrong leader?

No individual running is honestly worth leading our beloved America, but there is one that is beyond horrible and her name is Hillary Clinton. How would you have felt if those that gave their lives in Benghazi had been your son or daughter, husband or wife, sister or brother…… Just because it didn’t directly effect you doesn’t mean that it won’t in the future.

Close your mouth and open your eyes and ears…..let’s not make this great country of ours fall into a third world status.

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