Next time you write a comment, maybe you could read the article enough to know that I am talking…
Eric Olsen

Yet you wait this long to write something on the racism issue we’ve been facing for a long time now.

I know all I need to know about NY. Like the fact a certain mayor was a real screw ball, but after 9/11 changed his tune. In the entire state, they have almost common sense gun laws but not in NYC.

Schools rank in at 25 overall but the quality rank has them at 32nd.

Considering that New York ranks 46 out of 50 for having the highest state taxes in the US, you would think they would have a better education system. In fact, when the ranks are adjusted to overall income, NY comes in at 51 (DC has it’s own block).

I know enough about New York to never want to live there. In fact, the entire New England area fits in with California when it comes to making laws that aren’t just unnecessary, but they avoid the real problems which only allows them to grow.

My consensus…those states need new leadership….preferably someone decent in math since the politicians are obviously doing well yet the citizens are receiving below par education and benefits.

So what do I know about New York? That it’s a corrupt state that needs some serious help.

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