Choose-your-own adventure style stories that harken back to RPGs.
Games for Alexa
Jeremy Liew

I’m excited about the possibility of voice for gaming as well. I think the primary advantages of voice-only games:

  1. Multi-tasking if the hands are tied up (cooking, driving, getting ready for work, assembling Ikea)
  2. Allows for input where the options are not known in advance (Jeopardy). Trivia Crack on Alexa not likely to be interesting as it has the call center “listen to all options” irritation
  3. Avoids the traditional UI constraints that would be overwhelming for games of large possibilities

The games that are similar to party games we know and love (Taboo, Jeopardy, Apples to Apples, Mafia) will be tough to monetize as they are conversations between friends at their core, and might be better suited on a platform like Houseparty/Fam/Airtime where 1) you already have friends and 2) don’t need to rely on standalone profitability of the games.

I personally think there’s great potential in carefully handcrafted story experiences. As you pointed out, this medium has the freedom of fiction but with interactivity of games. However, the larger the possibility space, the greater the pressure to create content that players feel is reacting to them. This will be a manufacturing challenge of having the right content creation tooling (our focus at FableLabs) for this to be a positive ROI endeavor.

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