An Open Letter to Humans

It’s been hard. These differences between you and I sometimes feel insurmountable. It doesn’t help that it’s political season — no, that only makes the lines of separation more stark, more vivid, more ugly. But there’s something I’ve been wanting to tell you for a long time: I love you. Yes, you and your different thoughts, different feelings, different beliefs. Your thoughts are unique, your feelings your own and your beliefs true to yourself. I’m tired of bickering over these things that make you so uniquely yourself, and I’ll go on loving you without trying to change you.

You have incredible gifts that I admire, and I feel I’ve spent too much time glossing over them just to attack or run from that which makes us different. You see, I love the fact that many of your struggles are the same as my struggles. We struggle to find love, safety and hope. We struggle to see the other side, to listen to our hearts, to feel empathy the way we should and to taste life like it’s our only shot. True, our struggles don’t define us, but they make us human. And that’s how I’ve come to see why you’re so awesome.

I see you make sacrifices for your loved ones and it makes me want to do the same. I see you have courage to stand for your beliefs and it gives me strength to follow my heart. I hear your cries in the night and remember when I’ve uttered my own. I see your sadness, your laughter, your anger. These are things I understand and validated through experience.

The human life stripped down to its bones doesn’t seem to offer much in the way of variance. Still, we’re each our own. Though our lives boiled down can seem quite similar, our backgrounds and circumstances make each experience, each life, unique. Our paths are different, but the landscape can look familiar. And it’s there, next to the unmistakable landmarks, that I take hold of hope —it’s our differences that make us unique and our existence that makes us so much the same. In that common ground of species, no more and no less, I find more than enough reason to love.

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