Mealworms as food is not only a solution.

Everywhere i hear storrys about how mealworms and other insects is the solution on the CO2 problem we have in the world now a days.

I have been working with insects as food for reptiles and birds for the last couple of years.

Today my wife has the shop monis where she is selling feeding insects and other stuff.

She has seen and also tryed on her own boddy to have an allergic reaction on the insects where she had problems in breathing.

When she started out it was no problem and we knew litle about this but knows a lot more today.

Therefor we would like to inform you about this because if you eat the mealworms for example as human food, you take a risk that you will be allergic some day.

The problem with the insects sush as crickets are that they have no skeleton like we humans and other animals have.

They have the skeleton outside on their boddy and change them when they grow.

This exoskelet is the thing wish makes you allergic…

This is why you should considor if you want to risk to have a long life allergi for insects because this allergi is not only for crickets or mealworms, this could also be for dustmites and so on..

So be careful before you just eat your way though all your insect bars and so on.