A Year of Projects — I’m spending a year of my life starting businesses and working on creative projects

“I’d rather regret the things I’ve done than regret the things I haven’t done.” Lucille Ball

My name is Tommy Oswin Williams. I recently turned 29, graduated in Business & Chinese from university last year (bit later than most) and live in London, UK. Starting on my birthday (19th February), I embarked on a Year of Projects.

Over the last decade and a half, whenever I’ve come up with any idea, no matter how strange or obscene, I’ve always noted it down. Some of them are potentially good business ideas, some are downright weird, some are more creative projects, some more charitable, some will never make money, some hopefully will.

The problem is, in the busy world of structured education and work that I’ve been living in, I always 100% focus on the task at hand, giving little or no time to these projects. I recently ran a little thought experiment:

“When I’m 35 years old and I haven’t done X, how does that make me feel?”

Insert your own X. For me, thinking “when I’m 35 years old, and I haven’t ever tried any of my business and creative ideas” makes me feel awful, never knowing what could have been. I need to find out. And so, this year is the trial year, Version 1.0, a Year of Projects. All being well, this continues on to become my career — a diversified source of income through a Life of Projects.


Year of Projects Minimum Requirements

I plan to include targets for more than just my business and creative projects, and so below are the minimum requirements I have set myself for the year.

  • At least 1 business idea being developed at all times
  • At least 1 creative project being worked on at all times
  • Develop my adventure skill set & experience
  • Continue 1 second every day project
  • Devote 30 mins per day to languages
  • Climb (or other exercise) 3 times per week

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“If you can, you must.”