Visualised Life

Tommy Oswin Williams
2 min readMay 23, 2017


Yesterday seemed to go by so fast, how about last month? A few years ago, I bumped into a graphic of the average person’s life visualised as a series of dots. This simple visualisation affected me, life just looked so short and fickle. It was also around this time that an old friend suddenly passed away at a young age which further made me deeply ponder the shortness of life.

I thought it might be useful to visualise my life as a series of month dots, with the hope that it might provoke an emotion followed by action, for want of a less tacky expression, to seize the day. Do those things on your list, tell those people the things you’ve always wanted to tell them — never have a blank blob in your visualised life.

I’ve updated it as of May 2017 below — yellow with a thick black line is today. A nice project I might look at is coding a simple website with the functionality of creating your own auto-updating Visualised Life.

My name’s Tommy, I’m currently working on my and this is one of the small creative projects I’ve been working on.

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