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I realize this is an old thread, but the content is still relevant. When some people act concerned that a govt body choosing a guest speaker, even if only for a prayer, is tantamount to proclaiming that the govt therefore, whole heartedly accepts and even compels others to accept, the belief system of the speaker, and they lack any evidence that opposing ideas have been denied the podium, it becomes obvious that those individuals on the attack are in fact attacking America itself.

Should we then bar all republicans from ever speaking at a government function because this would mean the govt means to enforce a republican agenda? How about a democrat or an independent?

I think that any govt body ought to be allowed to invite any guest to speak or even offer up a prayer, as long as no opposing entity has been denied that same opportunity, or that any in the audience has been compelled against their will to listen to same.

As of this date, may, 2017, we have experienced muslim lawmakers attempting to incorporate sharia law into our American system of laws. Should we deny this attempt on the basis that this person, a govt sponsored individual, is trying to proliferate their personal religious point of view against the rest of us, and wishing to use the full force and power of law to promote a purely religious concept? Who has spoken out against this, in defense of America?

It shows that some are trying to overthrow America, and are hypocritical in their approach… its ok for Them, but not for Us to praise God. Its ok for them to deliver a suicide bomb into out midst, but not ok for us to offer up a sign of peace to a higher power than ourselves.

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