37 Too Many

A few weeks ago my government passed a few a laws
They passed a few laws despite a few flaws.
Afterwards they were praised
and we were in debt,
Safe and sound from a marginal threat.

Countless hours of time and millions of dollars,
Are being spent ignoring the advice of scholars.
No to belittle
The losses of Tori, Katrina, Zeeshan, and Curtis.
But terrorism is hardly the worst thing that hurts us.

While funding increases to stop those who divide,
Funding is stagnant to protect those by our side.
Despite election promises,
Our women are under attack.
This year alone 39 have become stats.

Amelie, Leonie, Theresa, and Khondkar,
Plus 3 Jane Doe’s through Feb so far.
Tanya and Zoe,
Will no longer be seen.
Nor Harjit Kaur, or Donna Green.

Another Jane Doe just after St Paddy’s
Then China Crawford and Helen Dansie.
4/20 brought in,
Another Jane Doe,
Then Ivanka Kraisnik and Ora Holt.

Mauryeen, Linda, Sherril, and Pat
Margaret Mitchell and another Jane Doe at that.
June finally ended,
By taking dear Rachiele,
Then in July the number really did swell.

Olivia, Ozlem, and Rebecca Gascoigne,
By the end of July, Jennifer and Margaret would join.
Donna Steele started August,
And became number 30.
While Tanja argued with her husband in Roseworthy.

Marilyn, Hoa, and two more Jane Does,
Lannell, Blair, and Sarah ended September’s woes.
Found in an alleyway,
Was Hee Kyung Choi,
How many lives will inaction destroy?

That’s 37 women in 2017 alone.
Safety shouldn’t be in question when you’re at home.
The culture, the help,
And funding needs to be sorted.
Our women need to know that they are supported.

Legal aid, safe houses, and belief not distrust.
That’s the least we can do for those who mean so much.
Call your representative,
Go to whiteribbon.org
Let everyone know this can no longer be ignored.

-Tommy Turncoat

Names of victims were compiled by amazing researchers at Destroy the Joint and can be found here https://www.facebook.com/notes/destroy-the-joint/counting-dead-women-australia-2017-we-count-every-known-death-due-to-violence-ag/1618229138224824/