As we move forward in the surge to make Cryptocurrency an everyday commodity for the worldwide populus, we need to take into account that a balance needs to established. With thousands of turbulent Cryptocurrencies in the market, it’s a daunting prospect for newcomers entering the Crypto world.

So how can we provide stability? The answer lies in a Cryptobank within the market. Now I know that the whole concept behind Cryptocurrency was to become decentralised from a governing body. A Crypto bank which achieves constant growth for their own coin while providing all the right services to the rest of the market will stabilize the market and bring growth (new members) to it.

Entering the scene is a Cyptobank ticking all the right boxes to make waves in the Crypto market and become extremely valuable, in more ways than one.

In 10 years it’s estimated that the Crypto economy will be worth 10 Trillion dollars. The world needs a Cryptobank to bridge the gap between the Crypto world and Fiat currency.

Crypterium (CRPT) have the technology in place to provide Merchant services for businesses around the world. Allowing them to take payments in any Cryptocurrency which will then be quickly and efficiently changed into their preferred currency.

Anyone with a website wishing to take Cryptocurrency payments can use the platform API to integrate payment solutions for their website. Which also has a sandbox to integrate a variety of external integrations.

They have developed a working tap to pay mobile wallet, allowing customers to pay in the currency of their choice, Crypto or Fiat. You don’t even have to keep the cryptocurrency being used in your Crypterium bank account. The accounts can be linked so that when you make a payment it opens up a channel with your own personal wallet and takes the required amount.

You can attain loans like you can at any bank. The loans are paid in their specific loan token named CRED. You can then exchange CRED for any currency you wish on their exchange. Like any loan you need to pay the amount back at a specific time with interest.

The most interesting thing about being a holder of CRPT is that for every transaction that takes place, a 0.5% merchant change is applied. That money is then used to buy more CRPT from the market to be destroyed. As time goes on the number of CRPT in the market will shrink year by year, which would drive the price of the token up.

The team *

Steven Polyak -Managing Director, Co-founder

Highly experienced investment banker with main 
focus of interest on USA and Russia capital markets.

Gleb Markov -COO, Co-founder

Fintech, banking & cryptocurrency 
professional with over 10 year’s experience.

Pavel Rasputin -CMO

Professional with more than 10 years of experience in marketing — from B2B for one of the biggest Russian software developing companies SKB Kontur to international B2C in Aviasales and

Dimitriy Fomin -CTO, Head of Security & QA

Blockchain & smart contracts developer and 
fintech experience.

Austin Kimm -IR Director, Co-founder

Experienced results proven financial services CEO with a particular focus on building insurance businesses in developing markets where I have successfully built companies with a current valuation in excess $500m.

Vladimir Gorbunov -CCO, Co-founder

Entrepreneur with more than 10 successful new 
ventures, with particular focus on simplifying real-world issues through technology.

Nick Evdokimov -Strategy Director

Launched Giga Watt, Paragon, Tokenstars and a lot of other successful ICOs.

Ilya Churakov -Video Producer

George Ermakov -Strategy Development Manager

Simon Sergeev -Head of Support & Communications

Igor Tszyan-Nyn-Tsay -Head of Law & Regulation

Ruff Rubaker -Аrt Director

Ivan Vasiliev -Senior R&D Engineer

Igor Semenchenko -Lead Mathematician, Senior Architect Developer

Social statistics *

Facebook -16,953 Likes

Twitter -1,461 Followers

LinkedIn -152 Members

Medium -82 Followers

Telegram -1,341 Members

Bitcointalk -6598 Reads

News *

October 13th, 2017 -CoinIdol

The Cryptobank offers new solutions in three areas: use of cryptocurrencies by individuals for everyday purchases, a revolutionary infrastructure for cryptocurrency acquisition by businesses (including with the transfer of fiat currencies to sellers), and simplified procedures for receiving crypto loans, all while retaining open access to its cryptobank platform for outside developers.

October 17th, 2017

According to Gleb Markov, the idea to create the company arose from the realization that there was a very serious problem — the popularity of cryptocurrencies has led to them accumulating in the hands of users that have very limited possibilities to spend them.

October 19th, 2017 — Coinspeaker

The cryptobank will be as easy to use as an ordinary debit card. Users will create accounts, which will enable them to transfer digital money between one another. The current balance collected on the account can be displayed in any currency, which is convenient for the user — US dollars, rubles, euros or any other currency.

October 24th, 2017 -Coinspectator

Crypterium is coming to the Coin Agenda international conference, which begins in Las Vegas on October 24, with the prototype of an already functional mobile digital banking app. It’s expected that Crypterium’s developers will demonstrate a mechanism for making withdrawals from accounts using QR codes.

The ICO *


The ICO starts on October 31st, 2017. It will run for 75 days or until the hardcap of $47,000,000 (47Million) USD has been reached.

Token name:

Crypterium (CRPT)

Total supply:

300,000,000 (300 Million) total tokens. 210,000,000 (210 Million) (70%) are available for sale during the ICO. Unsold tokens will be destroyed.


70% ICO

15% Reserved funding

9% Founders and team

3% Advisors

3% Bounty campaign

Price per token:

EARLY SALE -31 October –6 November

30,000+ TOKENS @ 30%

10,000+ TOKENS @ 26%

3,000+ TOKENS @ 23%

1+ TOKENS @ 20%

28 November 2017–13 January 2018

Token sale with no bonuses

If you sign up to Crypterium before the ICO you get 25 free coins. You just need to make a minimum deposit of $15 to claim them.

Important links *

A link to the Crypterium whitepaper.

If you would like to participate in the Crypterium ICO.

My Ethereum address -0xD9e835E886E4257F775c83F54f332d0a07E9eA83

I hope you enjoyed reading the article, please feel free to comment and share your opinions on Crypterium. Please use this article as advice and do your own research on anything you wish to invest in.