My next article is an unpopular subject for most people. Even the mention of the word can turn calm and collected individuals into fits of rage. Ads! Hopefully you haven’t destroyed your computer and you are still reading, but the times when you are trying to read an interesting article and get bombarded with Ad after Ad,we can all agree is extremely frustrating.

The thing is, someone is genuinely trying to sell you something on the other end of the Advertisement. How is it possible to get advertising so wrong? To get to the point where you are literally making a person angry from seeing your Advert. There are companies out there literally throwing money down the drain and putting customers off at the same time.

Trust the blockchain to come up with a solution. The blockchain seems like the solution to all our problems at the moment! Picture a scenario where you can set up a plan so that you can choose which Ads you see, when you see them and get payed money for seeing those Ads. Seems too good to be true doesn’t it?

Papyrus is a new digital advertising agency based on the Ethereum blockchain which creates complete transparency between businesses creating Ads and the audience viewing them.

One thing is for sure since the arrival of blockchain technology is that the world will be earning so much more passive income without doing much in return for it.

Papyrus is playing the peacekeeper in this battle between the Advertisers and the viewers. Papyrus is sitting both parties down and drawing out a new plan going forward.

To make the viewers happy we will give them the opportunity to choose which Ads they want to see. As an incentive, we will pay them part of the fee we charge for the Ads to be displayed. They can view content that is valuable to them, get great deals and earn a passive income without making any major change to their life.

Now this in turn is gold for the advertiser. They have a receptive audience that is happy and actually eager to see the Ads now because they are getting payed to see them. They are spending less money because every single Ad that is created is being put to good use. It’s 100% efficient.

Companies spend millions of dollars every year on lean principles. Hiring lean six sigma specialists to scrutinise every aspect of the business and cut out any time/money wastage in the company. When this becomes fully established in a couple of years time, I can see it being a giant in the field of advertising. A staple requirement that lean six sigma black belts turn to frequently.

The Team *

Alexander Shvets — Product Director

Leo Eletskikh -Technology Evangelist

Elena Obukhova -Communications Director

Tanya Krishtopa -Product Manager

Thomas Hulbert -Ecosystem Evangelist

George Odysseos -Business Development Manager

Andrey Vlasenko -Lead Software Engineer

Alexander Kholodov -Lead Software Engineer

Alexander Telegin -Mobile software engineer

Igor Sokolov -Blockchain Engineer

Andrey Lyubimov -Research & Analytics

Aleksei Pupyshev -Mobile Software Engineer

Leonid Baranov -Lead Software Engineer

Vitaly Bubyakin -Frontend Developer

Vyacheslav Trofimov -Frontend Developer

Liza Solyanina -Graphic Designer

Ekaterina Bezverkhaya -Web & Graphic Designer

Shamil Valishev -Digital Marketing Manager

Nikolai Avramov -PR & Community Manager

Social Statistics *

Facebook -6,326 Likes

Twitter -934 Followers

Telegram -825 Members


Bitcointalk -6820 Reads

Github -4 Repositories

News *

September 20th, 2017 -The Next Web

Papyrus is another blockchain company that aims to change digital advertising, a landscape that is plagued with endemic animosity between involved parties. Papyrus is using smart contracts, bits of code that run on the blockchain, to create an ecosystem for fair exchange between users, publishers and advertisers.

September 21st, 2017 -Coin Speaker

“We see disruption of digital advertising as the next big thing for blockchain”, said Papyrus Product Director Alexander Shvets. “There never was a chance to provide true transparency in the digital ad supply chain before Papyrus because that convoluted and non-transparent environment prevents market players from establishing trusted relationships — abuse and fraud are rampant.

September 21st, 2017 -Crypto Coin News

Papyrus aims to develop a disruptive digital advertising platform using a constellation of integrated technologies that will transform and unite the entire digital advertising market in a single, comprehensive solution that offers unmatched transparency, security and cost effectiveness.

September 22nd, 2017 -The Merkle

Papyrus, the world’s first fully comprehensive and scalable decentralized ecosystem for advertisers, publishers, developers and users built on top of Ethereum blockchain and smart contracts, today announced its token generation event scheduled for 12th of October 2017.

October 8th, 2017 — The Econo Times

Changing the outlook of a potentially vibrant market that is suffering from a loss of identity that is born out of selfishness, fear and distrust is the bold step embarked upon by blockchain-enabled decentralized platform, Papyrus.

October 10th, 2017 -Investopedia

With Papyrus, these users can even decide not to share any of their browsing habits or other usage data, though if they do, advertisers can pay them for it directly.

October 18th -NewsBTC

The “incompleteness” of personal data, millions of intermediaries, targeting based on them and a lack of customer feedback (to make sure there’s a person at the other end, not a bot) — all this causes the above mentioned pouring many billions of advertising dollars down the drain.

The ICO *


Papyrus are hosting 2 Token Generation Events


Started on October 12th, 2017 and runs until November 2nd, 2017. The sale will end if the hard cap of $5 Million USD has been reached.

Token name PRP are distributed in this round. PRP are then traded for PPR in the second Token Generation event with a ratio of 1PRP:24PPR.


Takes place in Q1 2018.

PPR are available to purchase at this event. Existing holders will have their PRP converted to PPR.

Join the Token Generation Event

Token name:

PRP (will be converted to PPR early next year at a ratio of 1PRP to 24PPR)

Total supply:

1,000,000,000 (1 Billion) PPR


80% -ICO

20% -Allocated for advisory board, bounty campaign, Papyrus partners, pilot integrations with ad platforms, and the founding team.

Token price:

1 PRP = $1

If you buy over 1000 PRP, you can get an extra 250 for free

Important links *

Here is a link to the Papyrus Whitepaper.

If you would like participate in the Papyrus token sale.

My Ethereum address -0xD9e835E886E4257F775c83F54f332d0a07E9eA83

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