A recent Global Cryptocurrency Benchmarking Study found that there are between 2.9 million and 5.8 million active Crypto wallets. This figure actually surprised me, I thought that it was going to be a lot more! To say the population of London (8.63 million) is around double the amount of Cryptocurrency users, is an exciting prospect for everyone involved in our market.

The value of the market today is worth $169,057,909,248 and that’s with only a fraction of the world using it. With mainstream adoption on it’s way, it does make one wonder how much it will be worth in 5 years time with over a billion people using it.

For the rest of the world to jump on the Cryptocurrency bandwagon though, it needs to become easier to use. I remember when I went on the hunt to buy Ethereum for the first time to get involved in my first ICO. I found it incredibly difficult and frustrating with no real instructions on how to go about it and i’m computer literate! For the bulk populous of the world to get involved, Cryptocurrency needs to become simple and easy to use.

The Divi Project is a user friendly Cryptocurrency wallet which will bridge the gap between the Cryptocurrency world and the huge crowd about to enter it.

The Divi project is centered around a user friendly focus to make the adoption of Cryptocurrency easier for the new generation of users. The smart wallet will be orientated around a community, giving a welcoming approach and allowing members to interact with each other and Crypto experts if they have any problems.

Crypto addresses can be personalised to look like an email address so that it’s easier to remember an address, rather than saving it and potentially losing it. They are working on a marketplace where people can buy or sell things in the DIVI currency. The beauty of the Divi marketplace is that earnings are based on a double edged sword. You earn Divi for the things you sell but also as Divi becomes more and more popular over the years, the more valuable your DIVI will become.

There is also another way to earn income through The Divi Project. The static coins you have in your wallet can be placed into a masternode. The masternode is basically Divi’s version of mining coins, using the proof of stake method. This is a way for Divi to run the network and record transactions in the system. The more master nodes in place the more efficient the whole system runs. Masternodes are categorized into separate tiers, the more coins you place into a master node, the more you can earn.

1000 Coins — Level 1: Copper

3000 Coins — Level 2: Silver +5%

10,000 Coins — Level 3: Gold +10%

30,000 Coins — Level 4: Platinum +15%

100,000 Coins — Level 5: Diamond + 20%

The chance of earning coins at each masternode level improves linearly with the number of coins. For example, the Gold Masternode is 10 times more likely to earn coins than copper, plus 10% bonus.

The Team *

Michael Greenwood — UIX Designer, Former Microsoft Creative Director

Michael is a Creative Director and designer focused on the digital spaces and exploring all it has to offer. Extensive experience designing and running teams for small, medium and large businesses, agencies and brands. With 20+ years experience in digital media, bringing a proven knowledge of creative strategy, vision, communication, and management with an emphasis on consumer electronics and personal computing for global brands.

Geoff McCabe -Leadership, Business Management

Geoff has an M.S. in Physics/Materials Engineering from UCF. He is a serial entrepreneur and leader of several startups, with up to $12 million in yearly sales and over 1000 employees spread around the world. He currently owns two boutique resorts in Costa Rica, a real estate company, a network of 30+ websites.

Nick Saponaro -Full Stack Developer, Programmer

Nick Saponaro is one of Divi’s founders and resident jack of all trades. Boasting a certification in Full Stack Web Development from the University of California, San Diego, Nick’s skills with programming are well matched to the project’s in depth, technological criteria.

Zafar Mohammed -Blockchain Expert, Full Stack Developer, C++

Masters degree in Computer Science MS(CS) and MBA. Zafar has over 15 years experience in an incredible assortment of coding tasks that are need for The Divi Project. He’s worked with DASH and masternodes. Experienced with ecommerce platforms and Built wallets for Ethereum and worked on apps for Litecoin too. Other past jobs include peer to peer Secure Socket Client/Server programming and cross-platform application dev.

Phil Eggen -Lead Programmer

Phil Eggen has been writing code since he could type. His prowess behind the keyboard and in the music studio made him a perfect candidate to head up the programming division of The Divi Project. His skills and expertise with Javascript also helped him learn Solidity in record time.

Kelsey Matheson -Entrepreneur, Coach, Mom

Kelsey Matheson is an entrepreneur, coach and speaker based in Brooklyn, NY. She is the co-founder and owner of Anamaya Resort, and the co-founder and owner BE Outfitter. Kelsey also is the creator of the Optimal Health & Conscious Living Academy, an 8-week online course for women that focuses on the most misdiagnosed and misunderstood areas of women’s health.

Kalani Mo’e -Creative Marketing Director

Hailing from the Big Island and bringing his marketing expertise from decades in the music industry, Kalani brings a lot to the table when it comes to community outreach and creative marketing. His experience in the music industry has taught him how to strategically reach a variety of demographics effectively.

Maxwell O’Brien -Lead Strategist

Max has a background in entrepreneurship. He’s founded multiple startups and exercised his strengths to optimize small businesses. He first dabbled in the crypto space by participating in the early stages of Ethereum. After seeing success, his focus on crypto grew stronger.

Advisors *

Heidi Krupp -CEO of Krupp Kommunications

Heidi is one of NYC’s top publicists, working with clients such as Tony Robbins, Visa, American Express, Mike Tyson, and dozens of authors, speakers and major influencers of all types. She will be helping connect The Divi Project to millions of people by connecting us to a wide range of markets through her clients and connections.

Tim Sanders -Former Yahoo! Chief Solutions Officer

Former Yahoo Chief Solutions Officer Tim Sanders has consulted with industry leaders, governments and trade associations on sales processes, new media, leadership development and talent management. He’s one of the top-rated speakers on the lecture circuit and a widely quoted business author. His philosophy on business life is simple: Share your knowledge, network and compassion to multiply the value of everyone you interact with.

Ramez Naam -Speaker, Author, The Infinite Resource

Ramez Naam is a computer scientist, speaker, and award-winning author of four books. His sci-fi novel Apex won the Phillip K Dick award in 2016.
“Mez” spent 13 years at Microsoft where he played leadership roles on early versions of Outlook, Internet Explorer, and the Bing search engine.

Toni Lane Casserly -Co Founder of CoinTelegraph, Speaker

Toni Lane is an artrepreneur in the Digital Currency and Blockchain Industry who co-founded CoinTelegraph and the virtual blockchain nation movement. She has been affectionately entitled, “The Joan of Arc of Blockchain” and “Young Star of Bitcoin” by her peers and various publications. Miss Lane ​serves as an advisor to several notable companies, funds and family offices, including, but not limited to: SingularityU, Factom, The United Nations, Lykke, HSBC, Cicso, P&G, Institute for the Future and St. Gallen Symposium.

Social statistics *

Twitter -3240 Followers

Facebook -12,344 Likes

YouTube -376 Subscribers

Telegram -281 Members

Bitcointalk -18468 Reads


News *

September 27th, 2017 -Wn.com

The main focus of The Divi Project’s features and technology is to provide a new type of easy to use interface that regular people can understand and enjoy. If it succeeds in its quest for mass adoption, the Divi Project’s currency could conceivably be worth a trillion dollars in ten years or more, which would mean someone who purchased as little as $1000 worth of it early on would realize over $30 million!

October 19th, 2017 -Entrepreneur

This platform is a prime example of what a future crypto-world might look like. In order for cryptocurrency to pick up massive adoption in the long run, a variety of use cases and value propositions is necessary. With these in place, Divi is in a good position to deliver a better smart wallet and payment interface.

October 20th, 2017 -EconoTimes

The founders of the Divi Project recognized this, so they sat down and identified all of the major pain points average people have with cryptocurrency. The result was the creation of the Divi Project, which focuses on making cryptocurrency as consumer friendly as using PayPal.

October 24th, 2017 -The Next Web

The Divi Project is a token launching its ICO soon and is aiming to use its resources to solve this societal problem. They have organized a panel with Coin Telegraph co-founder Toni Lane Casserly, publicist Heidi Krupp, and entrepreneur Kelsey Matheson. As Matheson says, “As our roles evolve as women we have a responsibility to get involved and claim our space within this world-wide, financial revolution. I’m grateful to the Divi Project for opening my eyes so I can do just that.”

October 24th, 2017 -NewsBtc.com

At the Divi Project we’re taking on what I think many people know is crypto’s most difficult challenge, (and also the most lucrative), which is to create one that will be adopted and used by millions, then billions of people.

October 25th, 2017 -Inc.com

The Divi Project is an upcoming ICO that is aiming to build a more intuitive “smart wallet,” and is also tackling the issue of gender divide in cryptocurrency. Women currently make up a mere 5–7% of cryptocurrency users. Divi is trying to change this by creating a crypto ecosystem that is more appealing to women. Their innovations should allow the average consumer who has no familiarity with technology or code to confidently enter the emerging space.

The ICO *


The token sale will start on October 27th and will run until November 23rd. The sale will end if their hard cap (100,000 Ether) has been reached.

Token name:


The DIVX will eventually become DIVI.

When the Divi blockchain is launched, in early Q2 2018, DIVX holders will be able to exchange them for DIVI, on a 1 to 1 ratio, by sending them from their Ethereum wallet to an address that will be provided. An equal number will instantly be sent to their Divi wallet in exchange.

Example: John participates and acquires 5,000 Divi Project tokens (DIVX). When the Divi blockchain launches he sends them to the Divi redemption address and then instantly receives 5,000 DIVI in his Divi wallet. The DIVX tokens will be burned.

Total supply:

A maximum supply of 60–80 million tokens are created to start,

Additional tokens, based on 20% of the total sold, will be created and held by The Divi Project treasury. 10% will be for influencers, team members, brand ambassadors, mass adoption projects and incentives. The other 10% (for founders) will vest over 2 years.


Phase 1 (Block 4438800 : ~Oct 27 , 2017)

1 Ether = 500 DIVX + 30% bonus = 650 DIVX = 0.0015384 Ether per DIVX = $0.46** at US$300/Ether

Phase 2 (Block 4496400 : ~Nov 5, 2017)

1 Ether = 500 DIVX + 15% bonus = 575 DIVX = 0.0017391 Ether per DIVX = $0.52** at US$300/Ether

Final Phase (Block 4554000 : ~Nov 14–23, 2017 )

1 Ether = 500 DIVX = 0.002 Ether per DIVX = $0.60** at US$300/Ether

Important links *

The Whitepaper, if you would like to look into The Divi Project in more detail.

If you would like to participate in the ICO.

My Ethereum address -0xD9e835E886E4257F775c83F54f332d0a07E9eA83