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Today mStable is excited to announce our Developer Grants Program.

Through this initiative, we’ll be looking to distribute up to USD $200k over the next 12 months to relevant and valuable contributors to the mStable project and community.

This post will aim to answer some of the initial questions you might have about the program. Further information can be found on our GitHub repository, which you should read before applying.

What Are We Funding?

The mStable grants team is looking to mainly fund development efforts from members of the community. More specifically we’re looking to fund the following broad verticals:

Hello 👋

We're finally ready to loudly say that we've released Gantree, our full-service node infrastructure toolkit for Substrate-based blockchains. I know that's an eyeful of a tagline, but we think it's appropriate.

If you have your ear to the ground in the Polkadot/Substrate ecosystem, you may have come across a couple of mentions of Gantree already, but until now we haven't really published anything about it ourselves. This post both serves as an introduction and a tutorial about how you can get started using Gantree to manage your nodes.

But what exactly is Gantree? Let's break it down.


For the last couple of months, I’ve been hammering my nugget trying to devise and implement what I want “using crypto” — especially dapps — to feel like. You’re reading this post because with this, my third bite of the apple, I reckon I’ve nailed it. Anyone attending this year’s Web3 Summit will see what I mean when they use conference’s app — assuming, of course, it doesn’t fall over in production and I wind up with egg on my face.

Before we begin, there is one hole in this work: onboarding from fiat. It seems to require expensive lawyers…

TL;DR: Transactions are the way people interact with dapps. If you want your dapp to be used, make transactions fun, engaging, and easy.

I recently made a custom burner wallet for a house party (not a joke, go read this post if you haven’t yet), and I was blown away by how many people told me it was fun to use (“fun” isn’t a word you hear a lot in blockchain usability). After asking people why it was fun, the answer surprised me. …

Burner wallets, a concept introduced to me a few months ago in the form of a cold-link from a friend to xdai.io, have changed the way I think about how people use cryptocurrencies. Given that we were having a house party anyway, we decided to run an experiment and see just how friendly we could make the experience of using cryptocurrency using Austin Griffith’s burner idea and Blocknative’s Transaction Awareness notifications (full disclosure: my company is paid to work with Blocknative). …

I’ll preface by saying we love CircleCI. If you’re into streamlining development and deployment workflows, look no further. We’re still using their generous free plan, but if a day comes when we’re lucky enough to be managing a number projects simultaneously which requires more than the free allowance, you can be sure we’ll be forking out.

Step 1 — Sign up for CircleCI and link your GitHub/BitBucket account(s)

Pretty simple. Head to https://circleci.com and sign up for their free plan.

Step 2 — Choose the project that you would like CircleCI to continuously deploy for you

Once you’ve added your…

The Twitch Plays Pokémon Livestream

For 16.5 days in February of 2014, an anonymous Aussie allowed 80,000 people to play a single game of Pokémon at the same time. This particular burst of internet-era tomfoolery was predictably chaotic, yet a level of signal emerged from the noise and provides compelling, applicable lessons about the nature of mass participation.

This article proposes that Twitch Plays Pokémon (herein often referred to as TPP) is an excellent case study for the popular field of decentralised governance, and further, is a prime testbed for financially incentivising desirable outcomes of self organisation.

Why did this one go viral?

TPP combined two generational phenomenons: Twitch Chat, and…

Tl;dr Web3 Australia is a new Not-For-Profit Association, Our founding partners include the Web3.Foundation. Web3 Australia has these official aims:

The following post attempts to explain why we think that such an organisation is a good idea.

I will start — as all self-congratulatory blog posts start — with a history lesson. The “blockchain scene” in Australia…

Tom Nash

CTO & Co-founder @ Flex Dapps

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