America, The Sorry Country

America’s corporations have all evolved into The United States Of I’m So Sorry You’re Having This Experience, Inc.

Just got off the phone again with another sorry CSR.

It seems everyday, dealing with America’s institutions and corporations is an ever increasing state of sorrow. Everywhere you go, some CSR is sorry.

The cable company, the power company, banks, it does not matter. They’re all “sorry you’re having this experience”.

Do I get a Vermont Teddy Bear as a consolation prize? Awwwwwwwe!

This gigantic mea culpa is phony though. It’s like when your mom or dad or someone you know that matters to you apologizes, but they’ve said it too many times.

The answer we all have given is something like, “Sorry doesn’t cut it” or something to that effect, or “Quit apologizing, it’s worthless. Why? Because you do it all the time!

This situation exists because of a few simple factors.

I’m 58 at this writing, full of useful relevant experience, talent, — and back in the day I could make well into 6 figures doing IT and web development work. But the facts of globalization means I’m not worth much any more.

Younger, cheaper, less experienced workers mean more to corporate locust MBA bottom-line types because workers are a “necessary evil” to the Industrial Revolution, so they have to get them as cheaply as possible, and fire them as soon as possible, once the jobs have been successfully offshored to people who will suffer the same fate as time marches on.

That leaves people like me with constant frustration dealing with inexperienced customer support people who have no real personality all over the planet.

I can’t get a job, but I have to educate and babysit them that do.

I know I could do your job way better, but your management does not want smart, sharp people with an intellect involved with customer service. They want people who will apologize on command, and who do their master’s bidding, staying with the script book. If you’re that person, I pity you, but that’s the path you’re on, not my fault.

I’ve even had situations with companies that wanted me to be “more professional” in my complaining. Folks, I do not work for YOUR company. If YOUR company had done what it was supposed to have done, then I would not be on the phone babysitting YOUR company.

The constant follow-up to make sure you did what you told me you would do on the phone, such as fix the problem, fix the credits and debits and refunds and everything else we call you for —IT’S EXHAUSTING.

Corporate America: Stop being sorry. Stop with your fake tears and fake regret about “my experience”.