you seem to forget that Hillary couldn’t manage to beat a man who had 70 % disapproval rating.
Dorothy Bellion

First, “TL;DR”.

Second, there was more resonance with Sanders than you give him credit for. You make many assumptions about the outcome and seem to have a view shaped largely by mainstream media, which also missed the real essence of the election.

Thirdly, Sanders shit his credibility, as did Elizabeth Warren by capitulating to HRC. Both are champions in a much more credible sense for the seething masses that felt like losers for the past several decades, with the erosion of the middle class, de-industrialization, and the buildup of Washington DC’s increasing desensitization towards its true employer, The People.

Trump proved that even with all his warts, to be the winner because he connected with those same seething masses. Sanders quit too soon. Trump proved that people didn’t care about the warts, they wanted serious disruption, and had Sanders stayed in the game, and fired some serious shots across the bow of Trump’s insincerity, and stopped being so damn polite, he could have indeed won. Yep, in spite of the “socialist” and any other warts you want to parade, the warts don’t matter.

HRC failed on the basis of HRC. It wasn’t the Russians, it was the DNC and HRC. They failed themselves and their mission because they failed to see what the electorate really wanted.

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