What It’s Like To Be A Movie Producer
Rick Schwartz

Great reading. Thanks for giving us a window into your world! 
I’ve seen and experienced the up-close-and-personal of the photography, writing and music business. I watched people up close in Nashville go thru some similar twists. The bottom line is (justifiably so) that entertainment related businesses need to get a return on investment, realizing that the effort needs to be profitable.

I have been more involved at the artist level. It is a weird dichotomy of learning how to provide a creative piece that holds its own artistic value all the way through the process and remains true to its core, but simultaneously provides the makers, the factories that produce that creative into a huge money maker. More often than not, art is lost to a cheapened, lesser version that appeals more to commercialism and bottom line profits.

We wanted to paint a “Sistine Chapel” but got something less.

We wanted to be Ansel Adams, but wind up photographing furniture to pay the bills. We wanted to be Edward R. Murrow but do voice-over work for telephone hold systems. And the studios may want to do great artistic pieces, documentaries that change the world, but the market pushes back for banality and crap that keeps us all asking for better.

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