Please Post-Pone the Inauguration
Push Button Chimp

One of the things missing from the conversation about Russia is in the realm of propaganda.

Propaganda from all sides.

Ever since the Cold War, we Americans have been constantly told that Russia is a horrible place, run by governments staffed by evil bureaucrats, and totalitarian, satanic leaders. Oh, and their people are brutish thugs, losers and morons.

As much as there is truth to the facts about the evils inherent in Russia’s governmental and military systems — does it make sense to keep building them up an an arch enemy that we are in a constant state of animosity, or can a softer approach lessen this march towards mutually assured destruction?

I have met many Russian people, having lived in Florida for many years, they love Florida as much as anyone does. They funneled a lot of money out of Russia into south-Florida’s real estate over the past several decades, washing a lot of corrupt rubles through real estate.

Did I meet the KGB? Did I meet Stalin? No. The Russian people are just like us, they want to live a decent life, they’ve got families, they have bills, and they spend their money on smartphones, flat panel TVs and waste their time on Facebook. Frankly, some of the most beautiful women on the planet come from Russia.

So it’s important to always make the distinction between the governments of the world and the people under those governments.

This same argument works towards those evil Muslims. Some would like to maintain Islam as “just another religion” — it is not, it is a political ideology sold as a religion. As Bill Maher puts it “Islam is a religion of bad ideas” .

A majority of the people who live under Islamic domination are again, just regular folk who want much of the same things as anyone else on the planet. They suffer under Islam as much as people did or worse than people did under Communism.

Does that make them all bad?

No — but questioning their motives and vetting them is just as valid as questioning the motives and intent of the Russian government and its people.

However — as you dig, you find Russians, muslims and all foreigners to be a mix of good and bad just like anywhere else, including ‘Murica’.

It is the governmental systems, the controllers of the planet that are the problem. The governments of the planet are losing control.

They want to maintain their version of how things ought to be. Keep hating. Don’t see people in other countries as humanity, they are evil and “must be defeated”.

The internet has enabled the people in every corner of the planet to see “the others” — as “regular people”. Similar aspirations, similar goals and dreams.

In times past, governments could shape the world view of their citizens by controlling what their people see about “the others”.

That was then, this is now.

In the modern world, because of the internet, humanity is starting to see through the lies of propaganda.

As sunlight shines on the lies, people start to draw their own conclusions, which is often in sharp contrast to what we are fed from governmental sources. It is this same awakening that causes people to question “the truth”. Truth is making its way out of places it used to be hidden and sequestered by governments.

People are no longer willing to just accept “high probability” and big maybes. People are sick of being marched to wars they don’t want, but rather their governments want. People are sick of being “led” — they want to be represented, not led.

When the intel community does not show sufficient evidence and floats an opinion without naming the source — we have every right to doubt them, and like him or not, Trump has the same right to openly criticize them and doubt them.

So, as much as Trump is an inarticulate buffoon, he’s right to question the status quo — including the intel community.

Who’s to say what the intel community isn’t doing is propaganda?

As to doing over the election, fat chance of that happening. However, I think we do need to implement a “no confidence” choice in the process.

We should be able to vote “no confidence” i.e. “none of the above” during the primary process. This enables the people to say “Bring us new candidates”.

And if each round of primary candidates is continuously voted as “no confidence” then keep having successive primary rounds until we get the best candidates — and THEN have a final election.