Why I Only Work Remotely
Yan Lhert

So glad I too have also enforced a “remote only” rule.

Companies using Industrial Revolution tactics to “herd” and “corral” your employees instills a condescension upon them that they may not be able to speak about, but it’s overall effect is a dampening effect.

I keep having to remind people that “we’re in the 21st Century now”.

The idea that people have to show up to some office is ludicrous.

Isn’t it ironic, with all of our “modern technology” that people could be working from home, instead we still see the majority of companies requiring people to come to offices at specific times, all at the same time clogging up streets and highways. Most people have high speed internet connections at home, and so the idea that they have to show up at some office for “face time” is just so antiquated it’s laughable.

Perhaps appealing to the greedy CFO side of the question, just think of all the floor costs that can be reduced or eliminated by having people work from home. Reduced office space! Now you need less of it!

This is way too much logic for most companies, run by MBA programming that goes all the way back into the 20th Century.

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