Great article Trent.
Tom N Coffee

The race to the bottom continues.

It’s the usual [ corporatist-extraction-mill condescending-MBA-asshole fuck-your-own-country-to-make-a-buck-mentality ] at its finest.

These MBA types will always cry how much they are obligated to cut costs and keep “the bottom line” happy.

This is the reality we live in, where it’s all about increasing their stock performance by bumping it a few points — at the expense of their own people and whatever is left of their shredded morality after selling their souls to Wall Street.

Fuck you Lowes, and all the rest like you. I will do my best to avoid Lowes now because of this. Vote with your pocket-books people whenever you can!

I know, we cannot boycott everything, because now these big players dominate every local marketplace.

Yep, Home Depot, Walmart, and others - supplanting local businesses with these corporate locusts who kill local businesses has done nothing good for our country. All it has done is funnel money to the top 1% who could give a shit about anyone but themselves.

Contrary to the horseshit about “Indian workers being smarter” — no, they’re opportunistic morons with zero creativity sharing the same lack of morals as their Wall Street counterparts.

Go ahead, challenge me on this. I cannot tell you how many times I have had to deal with the inbred incompetence they all seem to share. This I know from first hand experience having worked with their unintelligible morons for years because of the outsourcing going on in IT and the subsequent H1B invasion.

My professional IT resume now has “no foreign recruiters” — meaning I will no longer speak with these unintelligible Indians who cannot pronounce the word “position” — instead constantly saying “powishun”. If that’s you, then own it and learn how to speak English. You idiots speak to Americans everyday hustling reqs, and you cannot learn the language and its nuances?

Hopefully the H1B invasion is now coming to an end, but until offshoring is brought under control, the race to the bottom continues.

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