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The EPA head has to reach deep into the swamp to pull the plug to drain it from all the paid corrupt lying Federal employees in it. None of the models put out by the lying IPCC have been close to reality. Have as look at the Oregon Petition project, what it states (short) and the 30,000 + scientists signing it. There are only about 70 or so paid warmer pseudo-scientists signing off on the fake governmental IPCC report. Consensus is opinion, not scientific fact, but if it were the consensus is 30,000 to 70 against significant AGW. during this inter glacial stage we are in, it has been generally warming for the last 20,000 yrs. Ice cores show CO2 increases follow warming by 700yrs. Answer me with the name on the example Oregon petition if you are at all serious in any discussion on this. Go ahead, look it up, I dare you..I double dare you,,,I double dog dare you!!!!