When Your Calling Seems Vague and Unclear, You’re on the Right Track
Jeff Goins

Great article. I’d like to add one subtle but important point about seeking clarity before action. You’re right that you’ll only really know if something feels right once you’ve actually started doing it. As you say, we need to be prepared to take risks and to fail, and to learn as we go along. We can’t expect to know in advance what our ‘true calling’ is.

Yet in a world where there are an unlimited number of possible experiments, risks and paths to take, it’s still a good idea to be clear on which things you want to try. Otherwise an experimental path can become aimless wandering (not that there’s no place for aimless wandering, if you’ve made a conscious decision that’s what you want to do.)

The thing to get clear on before taking any relatively significant step is your needs. Looking inwardly and asking yourself why you are even seeking a path to follow. This doesn’t mean having the whole vision clear and mapped out, but just being clear on the unmet needs which you are hoping to be met. With this greater self-awareness and self-empathy you can then be open to all the wonderful choices on offer in the world and get clear not on the destination, but just the next step. That’s the place for clarity.

The trap to watch out for when you enquire into your own needs is whether you’re uncovering a present-moment need or if it’s a story from your past masquerading as a need. All too often people are unconsciously doing things like trying to win approval from their parents or proving a school bully wrong. These stories need to be dealt with so you can get back to present moment, check in with yourself, and then get clear on what’s next.

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