Helpful words Tom, and much I agree with.
Perry Timms

Great response Perry — thanks for the contribution… ‘inflicted freedom’ — what a term!

There’s real depth in your observation that leaders will often say “I don’t want to be a controlling dictator.” Most of the time, that intention will serve them well. Yet there’s a time and a place for every possible identity a person might adopt, including being a controlling dictator. There are the obvious extreme cases like ‘Everybody get the fuck out of the building right now — it’s on fire!’ but also less obvious situations where that identity is needed, but will be resisted, even if it’s appropriate and used with a loving intention.

Someone wise once said to me that many so-called ‘Teal’ leaders have an intellectual understanding of the concept of more complex levels of consciousness, but they haven’t actually embodied it yet. They’re mostly having a reaction against individualistic/industrial ‘Orange’ values. Adopting something like Holacracy gives them a way out of becoming truly whole/integrated and having all possible identities and values at your disposal.

These people might benefit from reclaiming their projection about being a ‘controlling dictator’. They need to own it. Embrace it. Have it in the toolkit to be used appropriately when needed, and of course have it switched off the rest of the time.

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