I have a vacancy for one new client. Can you help connect me?

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Update: I’m just abiut up to capacity again but please do contact me if you’d like any support and I’ll add you to my waiting list. Or if there’s something too damned interesting to pass on, I will find the time!

I’ve just finished a client assignment and have capacity for one more client. Almost all of my work comes from referrals so I wanted to share this with my network and ask for your help.

What I do

Supporting founders who are bringing impactful ideas into reality.

What I focus on

  • getting the overall vision and values clear;
  • developing creative and productive co-founder relationships;
  • ensuring there is a healthy, creative relationship with money so that it flows in service of the big idea and doesn’t become a blocker or distraction;
  • building out progressive organisation structure, culture and working practices to realise the idea.

What I bring to this

  • a mix of coaching, advisory and action research. Ultimately everything is focussed on founders realising their creative potential and making their ideas a reality.
  • insight from research with over 500 entrepreneurs and other founders;
  • my own rollercoaster ride of 15 years as a founder including building an award-winning culture with six years straight on the WorldBlu list of ‘Most democratic workplaces in the world’; successfully exiting; turnarounds; and of course navigating some big screw-ups.

What I look for in clients

  • Ambition: A desire to bring an important, worthwhile idea into the world that gets me excited and motivated to help;
  • Sectors: Professional services; technology; social enterprise & not-for-profit;
  • Roles: primarily founders and co-founders or senior leaders who have succeeded founders in running an initiatives;
  • Curiosity and open-mindedness: Genuine interest in new ideas and doing things differently. Perhaps you’ve read books like Reinventing Organisations and want to explore new ways of working and organising whilst finding your own way and not subscribing to all of the dogma.
  • Investment: Willingness to invest in our work together (time, energy, money) to get the most value from me possible.

Why I’m doing this

I have a deep need to contribute to the wonderful (and sometimes batshit crazy) world we live in. I see a world of simultaneous danger and wondrous potential. I believe humans need the ability to realise big, impactful ideas at scale if we are to swerve the macro risks in the world and exploit the many opportunities available to us for people everywhere to live fulfilling lives.


Does this resonate with you or can you think of anyone who might need my help? My contact details are here.

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