I’m giving up trying to unfuck the world and so should you

The world is pretty fucked, right?

Climate change.

Rising inequality. The 1%.

Uncontrollable debt. Financial collapse.

Hundreds of migrants seeking a better life in one of the world’s wealthiest regions drowning in the ocean. An ocean which is acidifying and killing even the creatures which are supposed to be swimming there.

Yes, there’s a lot that’s fucked. It’s never been so fucked and it seems to be getting more and more fucked.

So let’s change the world! Make it a better place. For you and for me and the entire human race.

The world needs to be unfucked. This is our duty. Our life’s purpose.

But where does that leave us?

Angry. Fearful.

Anger and fear can get results. It can tip ordinary people into action. Revolution! Russell Fucking Brand!

It is also the same mindset that got things so fucked in the first place.

The wealthiest are afraid. Without their wealth and power, what do they become? Vulnerable, like the rest of us. Afraid. How do they feel about their wealth being taken away from them by those not born into it and haven’t earned it? That the playing field be leveled? Angry.

Einstein said you can’t solve any problem with the same level of consciousness that created it.

Fear and anger won’t heal a fearful, angry, fucked world.

So I’m giving up on trying to unfuck the world. And you should do the same.

Instead I’m working on the only thing that’s fully within my power to change. My own consciousness. The lens through which I see the world, and the source of my actions which shape its future.

What if the starting point is that the world isn’t fucked. It’s the only world we could have had. The world simply is.

What if we replaced fear and anger with acceptance. Simultaneously fucked and perfect. Both of those things and neither of those things. No judgment.

What energy would that free up?

When we accept the world as it is, we can look forward not back. Free from the stories we hold so strongly, we have no need to change the world.

Instead we can devote ourselves to unfolding the world we want to see, from the limitless potential available to us as fully conscious beings.

It’s fucking hard to let go of judgment when the world around us looks so fucked. But it’s the only hope we have of realising the future we want to see.

As we do this, our stories about a fucked world fade away. Irrelevant.

As Buckminster Fuller said: To change the existing reality, don’t fight it. Make it obsolete.

And because all our stories about a fucked world are just that — stories — we can banish them to obsolescence the moment we choose to.

Wake up, it’s a beautiful morning.