I’m based in the Alps for six months. Here’s why founders should come and visit.

New misty, snowy, view from the kitchen window

There’s a corner of the French Alps where startups, social entrepreneurs and others who sense there’s more to life than chasing the money and a big pay day meet, dream, enjoy the mountains and make big plans together.

At the heart of this growing community is my friend Jack Hubbard who has been here with his family for three years. He’s been helping brilliant projects happen from ‘Conscious business in the snow’, to ‘Snowhow’ (yes, the snow is amazing here), to Alpselerator, the now legendary Alptitude and much more. Last summer my partner and I organised an intergenerational mindfulness retreat here with Joel & Michelle Levey.

As Jack likes to say, the 1% fly to Davos on their private jets and we fly easyJet (or drive a Vauxhall with 190,000KM on the clock) to ‘Dream Valley’ to connect, retreat, get inspired, play and plot to make stuff happen in the world. It’s an inspiring place.

Jack explains his vision for ‘Dream Valley’

So a couple of days ago, me, my partner Agnes and our nine month old baby loaded up an old left-hand drive estate car and drove to Morillon. We’re calling this place home for the next six months.

Oh yes it will all fit in

This is where you can find me until the summer. I’ll be popping back to Brighton and London a fair bit and I work via Skype so I haven’t disappeared off the radar.

As well as the set piece events where I’ll be participating as much as possible I’m carrying on my regular work with founders from here. If you’d like to get some space, snow, and clarity, then please come and see me. We can go snowboarding, snowshoe hiking, eat hearty food and work on your journey of realising your big idea.

Or if you have an idea for an event which might work well in the mountains, I’ll see if I can help you make it happen.

We are only a one hour drive from Geneva airport which is itself is a one hour flight from London Gatwick Airport. Outside of the February and Easter peak times, flights are dirt cheap. I can help you organise accommodation for any budget.

I can’t wait to welcome you to this awe-inspiring place.