Why Some Startups Win
steve blank

Steve, I have huge respect for your work and ideas, however this one is painfully old school. I do agree with the goal of creating agile, empowered teams, but framing the highest level intent of a mission around money is dangerous, and misses out an entire deeper level of purpose.

Why does it matter that we generate $25M in sales with fat margins? What’s the impact in the world beyond a small number of people getting closer to buying a bigger house and car? It smacks of the shareholder value myth.

There’s no mention of values to guide behaviour. At what risk to the future reputation of the company will people go to realise these purely financial goals? Remember Enron? What is the risk of harm to people, communities or the environment in the rabid pursuit of profit as the ultimate intent?

It is of course vital to make sure money flows in the right way. Profit is wonderful. And I agree on having a clear brief/mission for everyone, but this must be in service of a higher purpose than profit for its own sake, and adhering to a set of positive values.

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