It doesn’t always have to be that way.
Dennis Wittrock

Thanks for reading, Dennis. Yes, it’s certainly true you can adopt something like Holacracy from the start so it can grow without ever having been imposed as a monstrous top-down change programme. And it will attract new people who are comfortable with using Holacracy. So far so good.

The question I always ask is what happens when potential new colleagues come along who are well-aligned to the vision and values and have useful skills and passion to bring to bear, BUT they happen to not buy-in to Holacracy 100%, and want to have more flexibility to work in different ways based on what’s needed to realise the vision?

Does the dogma of Holacracy win and you reject those people, missing out on all they could have contributed, or do you embrace diversity in ways of organising and working and get them along for the ride? For me, the latter is the right way to go.

My hunch is that creating this kind of diversity is going to become essential to realising worthwhile ideas at ever greater scale. What do you think?

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