Why Codaisseur is Adopting Holacracy
Wouter de Vos

Thanks so much for sharing your Holacracy story. It left me with a few questions:

  1. Having a constitution (set of rules) that’s open source and updatable on Github sounds ‘awesome’ for techies but probably confusing and possibly even intimidating for non-techies. As your company grows and you need a diversity of people doing different things, how will you engage the people who just want to get work done and don’t have the same mental model about work being like software?
  2. Do you see it as a danger that ‘the rules’ become the main thing, and sticking to them takes precedence over anything else? Isn’t innovation and creativity about having the courage to break the rules? What if the rules aren’t fit for purpose in a particular situation? To say that someone who doesn’t just accept the rules 100% of the time ‘loses’ leads to a culture of conformism which will create productivity sometimes but may stifle big breakthroughs.
  3. How would you handle a situation where you have an amazing candidate for a new hire who is perfectly aligned with your purpose and values, has brilliant skills and experience, and clicks with the existing team, BUT they just don’t want to do everything using Holacracy? Would you turn them down because they won’t conform or would you inevitably have to do what Medium have done and have the flexibility for people to find their own ways to collaborate and get work done?
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