The main difference between an ego-centric (1st tier) and a world-centric (2nd tier) person is that…
George Pór

Yes, I think in this case we are talking about the same thing but through a different lens. I know you like to frame things around Spiral Dynamics/Integral ‘levels of consciousness’ and that’s fine. I tend to go with a very simple framing which is that all any of us ever do is based on our own needs. The big difference is which needs we are driven by. People are certainly capable of acting from ego-centric needs (which at a deeper level are probably driven by fears and insecurities), and also from higher, more creative needs, including those needs in service of larger systems. Even the seemingly most self-less acts still have a root in an individual’s own need, perhaps a need for compassion or service. So it’s simultaneously selfish and selfless, which is a wonderful thing, don’t you think?

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