I am Clay—a survivor of suicide loss. And I have a problem with “13 Reasons Why.”
Shawna Chen

13 Reasons Why is a primitive, cynical and vicious way of getting views. It conveniently shows the western civilization’s moral compass. It is not broken. It has been adjusted to show another North. The one that suits us best. We are all to blame. And we are heading in the WRONG direction without knowing it. Not until it will be too late.

We watch the show with good intentions but we are only adding numbers to the ratings. So there will be another season.

Our poor souls perverted by lack of strenght. The strength we need to say no.

Our reptilian brains enjoy watching other people suffer. But we can say NO.

Appealing to our reptilian brains and showing a beautiful girl damage herself to death only to get ratings is the most perverted thing done in a peace time. Ever.

These videos, or if you please, the last episode, are called snuff and there is no context wrapped around to justify it. None.

The context given in 13 Reasons Why is just a cellophane that wraps around shit. It looks good superficially but the core is corrupted. Vicious and diabolical.

Very few understand the core. Very few.

Don’t watch the show. There is nothing there just a bad aftertaste that you feel after watching snuff. Just like spilling blood always feels.

You are BETTER than that.

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