Why depression is hard to talk about.
Doc Ayomide

Here is my experience. I talk to people alot about mental health and do my therapeutic work as a depression survivor by witnessing there is a way out.

There is another reason why people don’t talk about depression and to be more specific, why people don’t ask about depression. It is because they think it is contagious. And they are right. We are all hanging by a thread, and our first impulse is that we don’t need some extra weight.

The western civilisation has created more and more reasons for existential fears and the more I talk to people the more I see it. People are more concentraded on their existance than ever before. How do I know? Well, in one of my lectures I coined the term: Selfie generation. I think it pictures well our priorities today. Just open your Facebook feed to enjoy superficial posts from people you barely know.

There is no need to rely on others anymore. With the help of technology we are selfsuficient. So we break our strong friendship bonds. These bonds including family ones used to keep us safe from depression. With them gone, we are unprotected when s..t hits the fan.

<I my even write a post about it>

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