Jody Wall

Hey Jody, let’s do this the proper way. Obviously we will not agre on the matter. That doesn’t mean we cannot communicate with mutual respect.

I will put here this link:

There will be always a reason to disagree. Allow me to explain my view on the strange obsession Chris Hitchens had with Saint Teresa. He produced tons of vitriolic remarks and accusations regarding her and even wrote a book titled “The missionary position”, in which he attacks her in a manner of rapid fire. He didn’t actually cared about the truth and the whole picture. Rather he attacked mercilessly the woman who dedicated her whole life helping the dying ones in her way.

Who is Chris Hitchens? What good have he done to the poor in comparison to Saint Teresa? What is his legacy to mankind?

Anyway, she forgave him. And I am sure if Chris went to heaven it would be on her recommendation.

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