I agree with your position that proper spirituality and mental health go hand in hand, Tomo; but it…
Sandra Lee Smith

Yes I agree, in my response I was more of a diplomat. My experience in working with people with lack of openness for spirituality teaches me to introduce spiritual facts one step at the time, hence the God foot in the door.

The truble that burdons Christianity today is actually imense propaganda against it. And many people succumbed. Both Christians and non-Christians. So every mention of any Person of Trinity to exposed people provokes a you-try-to-convert-me reaction. So with a risk of being judgemental I presume sensitivity to that matter.

People need education about healthy spirituality, but how to introduce it when you are cut off at the mere mention of the Holy Spirit.

Yet, I would never deny my God. My Savior. My Jesus.

And a priest told me once, be careful with the truth, always tell it with love. Because without love it would be understood as cruelty.

It is a cinical world we live in, and our Jesus said, be wise as serpents and harmless as doves.

Thank you for your response, nothing to hide anymore. The whole spirituality of mankind converges into one point of space and time and that is an empty tomb near Jerusalem.

The Holy Spirit gives us optics that separate us from the blind. This puts us in debt, only to return it by helping the blind to see (again).

God bless.

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