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We are more than our minds currently know in all of its seriousness.

Do you ever find yourself thinking about how a better off you were back as a kid? Or when you actually had a real job?

You didn’t have the time to take your life so seriously, right?

I’m not talking about reflecting on your life here. I’m talking about the good old fashioned disease that happens in real-time while we’re being serious. Call it overthinking. Perfection. Or self-censorship. Fear. Regret. Or whatever puts you down.

Recently, I’ve been procrastinating with my writing.

I felt a lack of direction. Who am I in all of this? Why can’t I write like I played soccer with the kids in the back yard? Why do I try to sabotage myself? …

Valuable product, true care, and a unique buying experience lead customers to trust you with their money

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Some of the greatest marketing gurus of all time stand tired on the stage of a local fish market.

If you find the way to approach them, they’ll close you too and most likely make the best out of your whole day.

Back in my hometown of Split, my mother used to buy fish every weekend at the same market place.

It was always from the same bunch of fishermen.

What was so special about these small fish stands and why did she trust them for years?

It was because of their old and worn-out clothes, their authentic smile, and the experience around the whole purchase. …

A collection of common thoughts on life, marriage, Himalayan salt lamps, and foreign policy by a seasonal immigrant

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I’ve failed to become a beach entrepreneur earlier this summer. My girlfriend and I chose experience over money and went broke by the end of September.

You don’t need luck. You need to fail.

I’m reading this stellar quote by Shaunta Grimes over and over again in the last couple of days.

It made me think.

For the third consecutive year, I’m back in the UK with my girl to run a couple of seasonal retail stores from early October up until Christmas. Only this time, things are different. We are different. …

And how to relax into it

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I started to write on Medium during the cold March of 2018. Since then, the biggest frustration I’ve continuously experienced is not being able to play with words in English as I fully can in Croatian, which is my native language.

My English grammar sucks. My vocabulary is limited. My sentence structure is pretty rough.

I’ve experimented with a bunch of solutions for this problem: I tried to quit writing, returned to writing in Croatian, I hired an editor to translate my English ramblings into a decent level of eloquence and explored app-editors like Tyrannosaurus and Hemingway. …

Introducing the good guys a.k.a. the negative emotions

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I’m human. I have emotions, the whole spectrum.

Humans need emotions to survive.

I don’t know about you, but I was developed to believe how being too emotional equals being a complete sissy. I used to put all of my power in avoiding emotions like anger, sadness, envy, jealousy or rage.

It’s a full-time job.

I almost dug my own pit right there. Eventually, I’ve had enough, asked for help and went to a psychodrama group session.

Next, I found a therapist who felt right and spent four years attending acting classes.

Turns out, the only way for me to avoid being too emotional is actually being too emotional. …

The evolution of 1-on-1 marketing doesn’t have to be forced interaction

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Imagine you could meet one of your favorite chefs. Or sit down with the writer you admire. Or listen to a fascinating personal story straight from the source.

Would you invest $15 in a book to make it happen?

I’d love to hang out with a bunch of people whose content I follow online and who I find inspiring.

But here’s the hard pill to swallow.

I’ll probably never meet the majority of my online heroes in real life. I’m never going to be able to surround myself with the top 5 people from my desired list. …

And what to do in these moments

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Don’t be sad.

You don’t have to cry.

Have you seen his Instagram?

Why are you being sad?

You have to be strong.

Let’s watch something on Netflix.

Are you ok?

Do you want me to leave you alone?

Let’s have a party!

Try to think about something else and it will pass.

You’re a big boy/girl now, you shouldn’t cry.

Do you want me to call somebody to examine you?

Let’s shoot some heroin.

Would you like to hear an interesting story about me?

I have to be somewhere in 10 minutes.

Your hair’s a mess.

Who wants to date a guy who doesn’t respect women?

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Photo by Joel Muniz on Unsplash

Last week my girlfriend and I celebrated our third anniversary together.

I want to stop for a second, take a deep breath and acknowledge the fact of us being together.

It’s mindblowing!

Together, we’re building something that can be described as a stellar life.

With that being said, I want us to thrive even more as a couple in the following years. So, I took the liberty to put down some notes about the common traps I’ve stumbled upon many times in the previous years.

These are the traps for me to watch out for.


Tomo Luetić

Lover. Storyteller from South Croatia. Dad to a dog called Lola. Hillbilly. Seriously fun wisdom.

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