Now you see it… now you don’t

Man, time is pretty great, huh? It’s kind of like breathing, no matter what you do it keeps going by. The clock keeps ticking, the minute and hour hands keep turning, and day turns in to night turns in to day.

This writing stuff again just brings something random and so perfect to me again. As bad as some people might think it was, Justin Timberlake’s 2011 blockbuster In Time got it completely right. Time is our most precious resource. Not only is it the most precious, it is also the one that I could use the most training in utilizing.

Every day I want to accomplish greatness, move my life forward in a powerful direction. Yet, I also want to get in everything that I desire to do in that day. Spend time with my wife and my dog (that still likes to chew on everything and chase squirrels), play video games, watch TV, and maybe even sleep in a little bit. When I sit down though, really look at the day in front of me, this gift that the universe has granted me… there just isn’t enough time for all of it.

Our world is full of opportunity, abundance, the resources that it gifts us are amazing. In it’s beautiful design, most of the things that we consume we can simply create more, chop more, harvest more, and soak up more of (?? couldn’t find the right word for water.. it sure is important though). One thing, at least in the foreseeable future, that we will never be able to do is take the hour hand and turn it back a few hours or get on amazon and have them ship me an extra week in two days with free shipping.

I have gotten to a point, I don’t necessarily know if it has anything to do with the fact that I am turning 30 early next year, that being in the same place that I was 6 years ago just isn’t working out for me any more. Doing things I love is important. Things that I enjoy are important. Maybe it is finding the fun in a different kind of creation for me.

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