TomoMees: The first 3D NFT collection TomoChain

3 min readDec 13, 2021


20,000 unique 3D Voxel Characters on TomoChain!

You may have heard of the famous Cryptopunks collection and its 3D brother Meebits. Now it’s time to bring these Mees to a new home on the Tomochain blockchain! Tomochain maybe under the radar, but it has grown tremendously these last few years by improve the scalability and interoperability issues that many blockchains like Ethereum have.

So why Tomochain? Two words: Fast and Cheap. It takes on average only 2 second and a gas price of 0.00003 TOMO to confirm a transaction, making minting and trading TomoMees super quick with almost zero cost!

TomoMees are 3D voxel characters that are randomly generated and minted on the Tomochain. This marked the first time a 3D NFT collection landed on this awesome blockchain! Each TomoMee has a variety of traits, no TomoMee is similar to the others. Each attribute trait has different rarity criteria as well. All TomoMess are created equal and are all awesome, but hey, I know you want to get that rare one :)

Compared to other 2D avatars collection, there are number of things you can do with 3D models. Potentially you can integrate them as animated 3D avatars on the metaverse using standard 3D modelling and animation software. Imagine using your beloved TomoMees in virtual worlds like Decentraland, The Sandbox...! As 3D NFTs, your TomoMees can also be 3D printed as cool avatar figures for your room!

Minting is coming soon on with the starting price of 2 TOMO. After the first 10,000 TomoMees were sold out, the price will move up to 3 TOMO each. Here’s a few steps to mint your first ever 3D avatars on TomoChain:

How to mint your TomoMees:

1.Connect to the website via TomoChain network with your wallet

Simply visit and press the “Connect” button on the top right corner. Unlock your Metamask wallet, allow the wallet to switch to TomoChain network, and a TOMO address will be created for you.

Connect, then click on Switch Network

If you don’t have a MetaMask wallet yet, you can download it free from their website.

If you’d prefer to add the TomoChain RPC manually, here are the instructions.

2. Get some $TOMO into your MetaMask wallet

There is a variety of crypto exchanges that $TOMO can be traded. Here’s a list:


Make sure to withdraw $TOMO from these exchange to your Metamask address via TomoChain network. You know you have successfully withdrawn $TOMO when the TOMO balance shows up in your MetaMask wallet

3. Mint your TomoMees!

Head back to, Click on the “Mint One” button. Confirm the gas fees and the cost.

Confirm the Cost and estimated gas fee

Once you are done, a message will show indicating you have successfully minted a TomoMee!

Congrats! You have minted a TomoMee!

After purchasing some TomoMees, you can view your beloved avatars by clicking the “My TomoMees” button (make sure your wallet is connected)

And you’re done!

May the best TomoMees be with you! Thanks for the support!

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Once the first 10,000 TomoMees are sold out, the Marketplace will go live for you to resell and trade the TomoMees, all with low cost and fast transaction times thanks to the TomoChain network.

To learn more about TomoChain and its upcoming projects, definitely check out their website!