My Personal Top Four Wedding Ceremony Rituals

Ebbony Tonkin
3 min readMar 10, 2023

It’s no surprise to anyone that I love a wedding, but what I like more is a personalized wedding. I’ve seen many different ceremonies, but the ones that stand out are some that have used rituals. Rituals are unique because they represent unity, love, and commitment, and they can make your wedding ceremony even more meaningful and beautiful. There are also many different options that you can choose from. Below are my four personal favorites that you can incorporate into your day.

  1. Ring Warming Ceremony- This is my number one favorite, and also what I used in my own wedding ceremony.

The Ring Warming Ceremony is a beautiful way to involve guests in the wedding ceremony and gather their collective love and support for the couple. The couple’s wedding rings are passed among the guests, who hold them briefly and offer a silent blessing or prayer for the couple’s future. By the time the rings return to the couple, they have been warmed with the love and well wishes of all the guests, making them even more meaningful when they are exchanged during the wedding ceremony.

2. Wine Box Ceremony — Perfect for a wine country wedding.

The Wine Box Ceremony is a unique and meaningful ritual that involves placing love letters and a bottle of wine into a box to be opened on the couples anniversary. This symbolizes the couple’s commitment to each other and provides a way to reflect on their vows in the future. The couple can write love letters to each other that express their feelings and hopes for the future, which they can then read together on their anniversary while enjoying a glass of wine. This can be for any anniversary. The most popular would be 1st year or 10th year. If you are getting married at a vineyard, I recommend buying an exceptional vintage from this vineyard and saving it for a few years. The occasion becomes even more special when you are reliving the location of where you were married.

3. Unity Candle Ceremony — Perfect for an intimate or urban wedding.

The Unity Candle Ceremony involves lighting a single candle from two individual candles. The two candles symbolize the union of two separate lives and families becoming one. The couple each holds a lit candle and, in unity, uses their flames to ignite the flame on one large candle, which they then blow out together. The extinguishing of the individual candles represents the couple’s new lives together. This beautiful ritual is a popular wedding choice and can be customized with personalized candles or decorations to match the couple’s style.

4. Sand Ceremony — Perfect for a beach wedding or when blending families.

The Sand Ceremony is another popular ritual that symbolizes blending two individuals into one. The couple pours different colored sands into a single container, representing their unique personalities and backgrounds coming together in harmony. The sand can also represent the joining of families or cultures, with each color representing a different family member or cultural heritage. The finished product can be kept as a beautiful keepsake of the wedding day.

In conclusion, there are many beautiful wedding rituals, but these four are some of my personal favorites for non-denominational weddings. Whether you incorporate one or a few of them into your wedding ceremony, they will surely add an extra touch of beauty and meaning to your special day.



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